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Your success is our passion!

“WACSonline is here today for the garage of tomorrow”

“Did you know that with WACSonline we were the first with a cloud platform at a large data center? As a result, we have a lot of know-how, experience and expertise. Our product has been our passion for over 20 years. Passion that we are happy to share with you as a garage owner, but also with many partners that we bring closer to their customers. The garage owner’s experience is a common thread through WACSonline. We grow with you and we do this step by step. Tomorrow doesn’t scare us, with WACSonline you as a garage owner get a guarantee for the future where you never get the feeling that you are running after the facts. Your success is our passion and together we form one team!”
Ingrid Vanblaere, CEO WACSonline

On top of that

• Customize your garage
• Unique drag & drop system in the planning
• Very user-friendly and intuitive
• You can log in anywhere, anytime
• Unlimited number of users
• No extra costs for updates or adjustments

Interested in one of the packages below or do you just want more information first?

Our offer

We have a very wide range of products that can be supplemented with an extensive selection of couplings.

• link(s) to shop online at your wholesaler(s) of your choice and this based on the number plate
• automatic registration of VAT and Car-Pass
• link with your accountant