In our previous blog garage owners described their biggest challenges. The conclusion is that they all want better communication with their relationships, like suppliers and employees, resulting in enhanced customer service. Peter, director of Dieleman service, found the solution to offer his clients a 24/7 service and to keep his employees happy. Meet ‘his dream team’.

“When I wanted to expand my garage,” said Peter, “I wanted no hindrance for my clients and staff. On the contrary, my personal contact with customers is a priority for me. But I also wanted the employees went along in my story and that can only if they are motivated.

A good garage managemeTeam Dielemannt was the most important thing. Peter: “I chose to follow my employees online. With my new software can I track the time spent by my employees and I perfectly see the availability today, shift schedules and the vacations of my staff. So I keep my employees happy, because this is also the basis for the payroll.”

Also, customers and suppliers are happy with this digitization. Peter: “We want to evolve with this intelligent platform to preventive agreements with our customers and enhanced mobility of the fleet. Through the same system a supplier can give offers and can follow accepted orders. After that, they are completed and invoiced.

So I have found a healthy balance between customers, employees and suppliers. And here is WACS the ultimate communication platform. The central workshop monitors in real time the balance between the needs of the customers and the time spent by the employees.”


Jan de Jong