First of all: think out of the box…

Three features characterize successful garage owners:

  • Be realistic: facing the facts
  • Dare: know that it’s time for change
  • Believing: no fear of security and privacy

1. The realist: facing the facts

It is known, but not measured! We fight to win customers. The dealer against the ordinary garage. We go both for quality but for the dealer, it is important to conclude longer warranty periods and smarter contracts. The most important thing for the garage owner is lower cost, especially for components. The reality is there and we know it in our own company, but we don’t really have a finger on the pulse of our position in the outside world.

Two questions you should ask here:

  • Why we don’t see some customers anymore?
  • Are there any unexpected competitors?

So go for DIRECT COMMUNICATION, the shortest way to information

Out of the box Eng


2. The daredevil: time for change

We drive with two gears. Supersonic speed at IT against standstill in the preservation of old IT solutions in the business.

  • So the change is here! And we know it …
  • If we do nothing, we remain hopelessly behind. And we know it …
  • Our customers and suppliers will demand it. And we know it…

The digital revolution is underway, move with the time before we are overtaken by reality …

Two questions you should ask here:

  • What if our customers will have higher demands?
  • Can we make more money if we work together?

Prepare for mandatory MODIFICATION

Dardevil3. The believer: no fear of security and privacy

It’s like a religion, we don’t see it physically, but it’s there! The internet is us as a web of entrapment and there is no turning back… As we move towards a future where our client pays his monthly car bill based on consumption, such as miles driven, so too is evolving IT. Our information and communication settlement will take place at the rate of consumption as the number of orders, including everything (hardware, software …) just as our electric bill. Done with heavy investments …

Two questions you should ask here:

  • Costs a defective vehicle exceeds a timely maintenance?
  • What happened with our business when there is a disk crash?

Go ample ONLINE

So for future realists, daredevils and believers:

  • For DIRECT COMMUNICATION, the shortest path to information
  • Prepare you mandatory MODIFICATION
  • Ample Go ONLINE

Let us not longer the stabbing head in the sand and once ‘out of the box’ thinking about direct communication as THE key to success of your garage, a choice that implies change to online business.

Ingrid Vanblaere