More than an ordinary agenda!

Planning boards, agendas:
Week, Month, Day
with full integration online application and workshop

What makes our Smart planning so smart?

The Smart planning can be displayed on a PC, laptop, tablet, technician screen, mobile phone,… It is also perfect for projecting on a large screen with touch capabilities.


● Drag & Drop with touch capabilities
● Weekly planning (reception/mechanics): with capacity overview
● Day planning (mechanics): Outlook agenda with professional knowledge
● Monthly planning (reception/management): availability on a monthly basis
● NEW: workstation planning

Integration with other (WACS) products

● Online Appointments App
● Signals, Alerts
● Workshop
● Mechanic Screen
● Warehouse, purchase material
● Purchase work from third parties
● Rental and replacement & transport
● Staff
● Additional services

Fully at the service of the customer

Via the WACSonline app (and possibly the corresponding QR code), your customer can easily and corona-proof make an appointment 24/7, wherever he or she wants it: on the road, at home, from a terrace or from the beach.

The customer can now also make an appointment at your garage after closing time or during your lunch break. Because we work with number plate recognition, you immediately know which car it is. The work sheet and invoice are also ready immediately. Win-win: it increases customer service and you or your receptionist have more time for the customer.

Our offer