Pink ElephantPink Elephant is an international knowledge leader in business innovation and business change. For IT solutions, business solutions, and IT training, Pink Elephant is the partner that lets your organization break with traditional business models and processes. With consulting and IT services we get the best out of clients by translating the knowledge and creativity of people within these organizations into concrete results. By using innovative technology, training and consultancy, your organization will have a successful future.

Since its foundation in 1980, Pink Elephant sees an important synergy between corporate goals, knowledge, and entrepreneurship of people and the way in which IT makes a significant contribution to enabling innovation and increasing the distinctiveness of the market. It is the right commitment and combination of people and IT that creates synergy between your business goals, knowledge, and entrepreneurship, thus contributing to your distinctiveness in your market.

In WACSonline, Pink Elephant also sees opportunities for other markets in addition to automotive and transportation, such as the installation industry. The amount of data generated can be used to optimize management and provide the customer with better service. Pink Elephant and Transport Care have the ambition to further expand WACSonline within Europe.



In our online garage program you have free direct access to 340,000 ‘My Grosser Articles’, the best-known order and information website for garages. By making and maintaining this rich database, you can quickly create professional and competitive quotes and worksheets with the goal of shutting down your chances of winning and gaining the confidence of your customers. Quotations and worksheets can be created on any device with a suitable Internet browser (PC, Tablet and smartphone).

DIRECT access is the key

The WACSonline worksheet will immediately give you the right vehicle, so you can choose the right parts in My Grosser. Due to the direct acquisition of parts information and working hours, parts can be ordered directly to My Grosser from your package, and direct Invoicing is possible at the time the customer offers to pick up his car. Not only a direct invoice is possible, but the acquisition of useful comments by the mechanic in the Topmec application can be used to substantiate the invoice. It goes without saying that a consumer undoubtedly experiences this degree of service as very positive.

Revenue increase and continuity in the Workshop

Smart integration allows you to save a lot of time and avoid manual actions, but increase your service level and win consumer confidence. With these smart working methods, you may realize a real increase in sales and ensure more continuity in the Workshop.


You can log in directly with the correctly-selected vehicle using the K-type. Fetching the shopping basket is also possible without copying.



Extensive vehicle information can be obtained from the license plate in the Netherlands or the chassis number in Belgium.



Your sales invoices can be exported directly to Exact Online



WACSonline has a copy function for worksheets created through Citroën Service. As well as Generating After Sales Results and Enquete Exports is possible.



All of your worksheets can be sent directly to Car-Pass on the basis of reality without logging out.



WACSonline can create worksheets created in Audagarage directly to the Workshop module. You do not need to copy anything, and you can quickly make quotes and instructions for the Workshop.


On board computers
• Transics
• Rietveld
• Trimble

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